We build what you want.

In addition to size specific hulls, a range of hull construction materials and custom rigging dimensions, you can choose from an extensive array of options to outfit your new boat. These options can be ordered directly through us, without a dealer mark-up. You save time and money and avoid the hassles dealing with different suppliers and installation. Selecting the options you want when you order your boat assures that your boat will arrive the way you want it and ready to row!

Elite Upgrade Packages come with all the options that you want and need. Although you may also order any option “à la carte”, by selecting an Elite Upgrade Package you will save money over ordering items individually.

We only offer Vespoli compatible, top of the line accessories, including:

NK Electronics

Get your Cox Box and Speed Coach wiring harnesses installed and the magnet mounted on the sliding seat while your boat is being built. Cox box and Speed Coach units are also available.

Concept II “Dreissigacker Oars”

Select the exact specifications for your oars and/or sculls and we will have them ready with your new boat.

Hull Colors

Choose from 3 standard colors or any one of 600 custom colors to match your school’s colors or personalize your single.

Bow Lettering

Have your selected name applied at the factory so you receive the boat ready for its christening. Choose any of the 8 colors and 5 letter fonts.

Vespoli Slings

Our boat slings are strong, light and fold flat and let you work on your boat anywhere.

Spare Parts Kits

Each spare parts kit comes with those most needed items to keep you on the water.

Burnham Boat Cover

The premium cover to protect your investment.

Vespoli Rigging Tools

Wrenches, pitchmeters, rigger height sticks, and metric/inch tape measures are all designed to make rigging your new Vespoli quick and easy

Sectional Hulls

Available in a variety of configurations in eights and fours, it makes for easier transport, especially for our international customers.

Build the boat of your dreams with our exclusive Vespoli Build-a-Boat feature!