Eights (8+)

Hull Size S, M, L, XL S, SP, M, L, XL S, M One Size (fits M/L)
Model V1, M2, Ultralite II V1, M2, Ultralite II, Performer V1, M2, Ultralite II, Performer V1, M2, Ultralite II, Performer

Hull Designs (8+)

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VHP Hull
Designed in 2014

Designed to perform at gold medal speeds, this all-new, high-performance hull is the result of extensive research and comparative analysis of other top performing hulls. Working closely with Bruce Nelson, two-time America’s Cup award-winning naval architect, we developed a design that significantly reduces drag as hull speed increases. The new VHP hull features a long waterline and a reduced wetted surface without sacrificing stability.

Designed in 2005

The E hull, designed by Manolo Ruiz De Elvira, three-time America‘s Cup award-winning Naval Architect, features a shortened boat length and wider beam, which reduces drag and provides significantly more stability.

Designed in 1992, Redesigned in 2012

The D hull, designed by two-time America‘s Cup award-winning naval architect Bruce Nelson, has a long waterline, which reduces pitch and surge while maintaining a moderate level of stability. The D hull design is now outfitted with wing riggers.

Designed in 2006

When training novice crews, stability is often your primary goal. Advantage hulls provide 25% more stability than other hulls, with only a minimal increase in drag. In addition, this hull design incorporates a large coxswain seat—big enough to accommodate rowers.


Models (8+)

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We offer four models: the V1, M2, Ultralite II, and Performer. Each model is uniquely constructed to meet the needs of your program. The major difference between models is the amount of carbon fiber used in each hull, which determines the level of stiffness and durability. The V1, M2, and Ultralite II models are constructed from multiple layers of unidirectional carbon fiber and Nomex ® honeycomb, and cured at 250°F. The Performer is constructed from multiple layers of high-impact fiberglass with carbon fiber reinforcement and is also cured at 250°F. Some programs require high-performance racing boats, while others need durable training boats. Whatever your needs are, we have the perfect fit and price for you!


Standard features in all models include:

  • 5 year Bow to Stern Warranty
  • Four ‘size specific’ hulls (S, M, L, XL) and ‘uni-size’ Advantage hull
  • Airfoil aluminum wing riggers
  • Fully adjustable, patented VHP shoe system
  • Fully adjustable carbon fiber footboards and shoe plates
  • Carbon fiber seats
  • Chrome plated stainless steel fasteners and hard coat anodized aluminum parts


The V1 model features the unique “rhino skin” (ultra-dense carbon layers), providing maximum impact resistance, stiffness, and durability. Available in VHP, E, D, and Advantage hulls.


The M2 model has every feature and detail of the V1 model except the Rhino skin. The M2 is more than comparable to the top-of-the-line boats from other manufacturers. Available in VHP, E, D, and Advantage hulls.


The Ultralite II model is the best value on the market for budget-conscious programs that want a carbon and honeycomb boat. Available in VHP, E, D, and Advantage hulls.


The Performer is the workhorse for many programs because of its incredible durability, moderate weight and great pricing. Its single-skin construction deflects upon impact, which drastically reduces damage, and is recommended for novices and learn-to- row programs. The Performer model is available in the E, D, and Advantage hulls.

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Components (8+)

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The transmission of power from rower to shell is critical to achieving optimal performance. The main points of power transmission are feet, seat and oarlock. These “transmitters” must be ergonomic, efficient, adjustable, durable, stiff and light. Our experience as rowers and coaches in consultation with industry experts has allowed us to engineer and produce the best racing shell components available. You can be confident in the performance of these components stroke after stroke, year after year. Every part of a Vespoli racing shell is covered by our 5 year Bow to Stern Warranty.



  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Efficient airfoil shape
  • Hard coat anodized
  • Inset mount
  • Custom rigging dimensions
  • Stainless steel pin with snap-on height washers
  • Adjustable backstays
  • Optional pontoon mounting bracket


  • Double safety release system: heel ties and instep strap
  • Water resistant, durable synthetic material with ventilation holes
  • Instep and heel adjustment straps allow each VHP shoe to fit a range of three sizes
  • Shoes mounted on carbon shoes plates or optional Power Wedge shoe plate
  • Removable, anti-microbial, neoprene bootie
  • One piece injection molded sole that increases stiffness and eliminates cracking
  • Exclusive to Vespoli Shells


  • Wrap around tongue
  • Arch supporting straps
  • US Men”s Sizes 6-15 (not adjustable, snug fit)
  • Custom shoe mounting plate required


  • Carbon fiber footboard and tube
  • Adjustable footboard angle and shoe height
  • Wide foot placement
  • Saw-tooth side channels for precise stretcher adjustment
  • Power Wedge shoe plate; features 7° wedges molded from carbon fiber and adjustable toe splay; (optional)


  • Comfortable, ergonomic shape
  • High strength carbon construction
  • Low drag, machined Delrin®, super-bearing wheels
  • Single action undercarriage
  • Wide wheel placement
  • VHP seat top featuring wider sit holes to accommodate varying hip widths, and stern tilt for maximum power transmission (optional)


  • Hard coat anodized
  • Adjustable
  • Mounted on plastic wedges


  • Chrome plated stainless steel fasteners
  • Hard coat anodized aluminum parts


Wing Rigger VHP Shoes Booties VHP Seat Carbon bow and stern tips

Sizes & Weights (8+)

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Hull Size Avg. Crew Weight (lbs.) Length Max. beam at waterline Wetted surface (sq. ft.) Average weight of rigged shells (lbs.)
V1 M2 Ultralite II Performer
VHP-S 8+ 120-150             N/A
VHP-M 8+ 150-180 55' 3" 20.6" 92.4       N/A
VHP-L 8+ 175-205 57' 21.7" 97.5 205 203 201 N/A
VHP-XL 8+ 195-225 57' 2" 21.9" 101.3 206 204 202 N/A
ES 8+ 125-165 52' 20" 85.7 196 194 192 224
ESP 8+ 140-175 52' 20" 87.7 198 196 194 226
EM 8+ 155-185 55' 22" 93.5 203 201 199 230
EL 8+ 175-205 55' 22.3" 96.2 204 202 200 231
EXL 8+ 195-225 56' 22.8" 100.3 206 204 202 233
DS 8+ 130-165 56' 20" 86.9 199 197 195 228
DM 8+ 155-180 57' 9" 22" 94.5 203 201 199 232
ADV 8+ 145-190 53' 23.8' 98.0 206 204 202 230