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Begin by selecting the category of boat you want to build.

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Vespoli Build-a-BoatBuild-a-Boat is an unique, interactive feature that allows you to build a boat to your exact specifications. It is quick, easy and fun! You will be guided through each step of the process and see the boat develop with each click of the mouse. Whether you want an E hull, V1 Eight with wing riggers for high school girls with all the “bells and whistles,” an Ultralite II Advantage coxed four for your masters; or a Matrix single in an exciting, custom color for you, you make the choices and see the results instantly.

Things to look for in Build-a-Boat…

Things to look for in Build-a-Boat In the upper right corner of each step, you’ll see a "Make your selection" button. Once you have made ALL the appropriate selections and/or entries for that step, this button will change and prompt you to go to the next step.

Info ButtonClick on any "INFO" button for additional information about
that selection.

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