Science of Boats and Oars – Accelerating Knowledge and Cancer Research

Thank You for Attending!

Vespoli is pleased to announce that our Science of Boats and Oars Seminar held on November 10th in Philadelphia raised $2,000 for skin cancer research: a concern for all of us that spend time out on the water.  For more information on the disease and how to reduce your risk, please visit

Nearly 90 coaches, rowers and boatmen were able to hear first hand from leading experts in shell and oar design what factors have the greatest impact on performance at every level and how to best evaluate equipment for their crew.  Some of the key findings shared with attendees:

  • A shell’s wetted surface has a 5 times greater impact on speed than wave drag
  • Different blade shapes and types can provide advantages for certain types of crews, Larry Gluckman shared his testing protocol and best practices for evaluation.
We got some tremendous feedback from the attendees as well!
  • 97% of attendees were satisfied or very satisfied with the information at the seminar and would recommend it to a friend or colleague
  • 95% of attendees felt that the information was provided in a neutral or non biased manner
  • 98% of attendees felt that the information from this seminar was helpful in improving their knowledge of this subject

Thanks again to everyone who was able to attend the seminar and our Experts: Manolo Ruiz de Elvira, Dirk Kramers and Larry Gluckman for making this event a great success.

We will be posting materials from this event as they become available to our website

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