Champion Coaches Clinic: A great success!

Champion Coaches Clinic

The recently concluded Champion Coaches Clinic was an unqualified success. Over 150 coaches mid-Atlantic and north East states but we also had coaches travel from the west coast, Florida, Georgia and even Canada.

Here is what some of the attendees had to say:

“It was the most productive day of profession development in which I have participated.  It was great to hear successful coaches talk freely about their programs and guiding principles.”

“I really enjoyed the set up with each coach getting one hour. I never got bored. 5 hours flew by and this does not happen at the other conferences. I loved how you gave each coach a list of questions to all answer.”

“Lunch was GREAT ! ( thanks for having a vegetarian selection)”

“The idea of a one-day clinic is good and makes it a little easier on the budget and on the marriage. I appreciated keeping the time to the allotted amount was good and having all four speakers talk about a similar topic”

“…exceeded my expectations because I was surprised that the coaches were as open as they were.”

“The four speakers all had a slightly different angle of attack with their programs. This was key to keeping my attention the whole time. You get Clarky who is from the big State school, Steve who is working with the National team, Porter who handles the small Ivy women’s program and Kennett has the mid size Ivy lightweight side of things. This is what made your clinic so comprehensive and if you do it again next year….thinking about the 4 speakers and what their specialty is will allow you to have another great clinic. I loved hearing how each coach discovered their competitive advantage.”

“It was an excellent resource for coaches looking to structure their programs, manage their athletes and plan their training”

“The coffee in the morning was perfect, and the box lunch was also delicious and it was wonderful not to have to worry about lunch.  The pacing was good with two speakers before lunch and two after — and I especially liked how each speaker followed the same basic outline, but each one gave it their own spin. You had a balance of men and women coaches from a variety of very successful crews.”

“I liked how they all covered similar topics and still made it their own”

“The presentations were well thought out.  While they shared a number of things, they also highlighted different coaching styles and personalities. Even though the programs were at levels way beyond ours, I learned a lot from each one of them. They also seemed aware that they were speaking to a diverse audience in terms of type of program.”

“Very well organized.  Program moved right along.  The box lunches were great.  But most importantly, the coaches did a great job.”

“I learned so much and was in intense note-taking mode the whole time. They weren't just trying to impress us, they were trying to help us. The info on rigging and stuff was really helpful too.”

“The clinic more than met my expectations.  I thought as a collegiate coach the material was very directed and focused, but it was also applicable to more than just college coaching.  Most conferences or conference speakers give a vague talk on a very specific idea that may or may not be useful ("Tapering" or "Strength Training").  So many coaches don't have a sense for the big picture as it is, so focusing on the smaller building blocks without looking at the overall vision must be hard to learn from."

Events such as the “Champion Coaches Clinic” and last year’s “Science of Boats and Oars” demonstrate our commitment to providing access to high quality coaching education.  We are proud that we are uniquely positioned to enlist some of the best coaches and provide these educational opportunities.  We will continue to “push the envelope” in the area of coaching education so we can always provide forums where our customers and friends can learn from the best.

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