Vespoli shells meet FISA flotation standard


As the industry leader, meeting the most advanced safety standards is an important part of our commitment to growing the great sport of rowing. FISA requires all boats used in their sanctioned events to carry a permanently mounted plaque stating whether or not, it meets their flotation standards.  To comply, a boat containing a rower/crew cannot sink further than two inches above the seat and documentation proving this must be submitted to FISA.   Similar to the FISA minimum boat weight rule and the coxswain weight minimum, the responsibility of “proof” rests with the boat users and is subject to random inspection.   Failure to meet any FISA requirement can lead to disqualification.  We anticipate USRowing and RowingCanada will likely adopt this FISA Flotation Standard just as they have adopted all of the other FISA rules and regulations. Read more

All Vespoli Matrix, Ultralite II, M2 and V1 models built since 2010 meet the FISA flotation standard. We have installed water tight compartments and newly designed, water tight hatches in each rower’s compartment for the necessary buoyancy.  Each eight, four and quad  also has two,  push out portal caps easily accessible to cox and/or rower  that allows water to flow out if the water level in the boat reaches nearly two inches above the seat. The “passive” removal of water was tested and chosen over the method where rowers in crew boats try to achieve sufficient stern-ward momentum to push the water out of a deck vent.  Trying to coordinate rowers in a stressful situation to forcefully move up the tracks to “slosh” out the water (up to a ton of extra weight) increases the risk of capsizing.  When the water reaches the portal caps using our method, the caps are easily removed and incoming water flows out without requiring the crew to move.

When looking at new equipment you need to look no further than Vespoli.  You can be assured you be investing in the best in technology, service, value and SAFETY.

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