How to clean the exterior of the hull

How to Clean the Exterior of the Hull


Cleaning Materials: We recommend using a powder cleanser such as Bon Ami and a wet sponge. (AJAX will work too, but we use Bon Ami because it is safer for the environment!)

How to Clean:

1. Sprinkle a small amount of cleanser on the wet sponge.

2. Wipe the hull in small sections (3-4 feet) from bow to stern, in long, even strokes. Do not use any circular motion!

3. If needed, add more cleanser to the sponge to get through tougher stains.

4. Do not let the cleanser dry on the surface; rinse with clean water.



Cleaning Materials: We recommend using a mild soap (dish soap works well!) and a wet sponge. To polish, use a soft cloth and fine polishing compound.

NOTE: We don't recommend using wax. it collects dirt and is much more adhesive than polish.

How to Clean:

1. Clean the buffed surface with wet sponge and soap, removing all dirt and grime.

2. Rinse with clean water.

3. Apply fine polishing compound by hand, and finish by buffing with a soft cloth.


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