How do I repair a carbon rib?

Purchase a M36B One sided Rib Repair Kit (1 rib, 1 glue pack, 1 carbon tab and two bolts, washer, nuts). Order at or call Customer Service 1-203-773 - 0311. Estimated time of repair: 60-90 minutes (one-sided rib repair).

Tools Needed:

1. Flexible 1" inch wide putty knife.
2. 1-inch wide chisel
3. Spring clamp, 6"
4. Socket wrench with 3/8"socket
5. 5/16" Nut driver
6. Medium grit sandpaper (100-200 grit)
7. Drill with 3/16" bit
8. Work gloves and disposable gloves
9. Mallet or small hammer.

Steps of Repair

1. Check outside hull next to rib for damage. If hull is split, follow steps of repair as outlined below but repair inside of hull first before gluing in rib.
2. Remove bolts holding broken rib in place. These bolts are located below the seat deck and will require use of the 5/16 nut driver and socket wrench with 3/8 socket.
3. Chisel rib from hull being careful not to damage inner hull (go slowly)
4. Break away rib from bow and stern side
5. Remove old carbon tab with sharpened putty knife
6. Remove old rib from foot well under seat deck
7. Use putty knife to carefully remove rib and excess glue
8. Clean bulkhead with putty knife and medium grit sandpaper
9. Sand new rib and ears of rib to allow glue to adhere properly
10. Slip into place (without glue) to check alignment
11. Fit in bolts through the holes, do not tighten
12. Clamp into place to check snug fit
13. Remove completely from hull
14. Mix Glue in bag by following directions, this is time sensitive
15. 10 minute working time, so be ready to refit new rib
16. Place glue on bulkhead side of rib and put into place
17. Use enough glue to have excess squeeze out. Use fingers to make smooth edge.
18. Clamp to bulkhead and place bolts through rib and tighten _ turn
19. Glue tab in place
20. Drill out rigger bolt holes and place rigger bolts through rib
21. Check outside of hull again for damage and fix appropriately
22. Allow overnight for full curing of glue

Download the how-to, complete with photos:
How to repair a carbon rib (DOC)
How to repair a carbon rib (PDF)

You are ready to row. Nice job!

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