Every Vespoli racing shell is state-of-the-art, incorporating the most advanced hull design, riggers and components with aerospace technology. Vespoli hulls are the creation of one of the world’s leading naval architects and a designer of the two-time America’s Cup winner, Alinghi, Manolo Ruiz de Elvira. These revolutionary hull designs are outfitted with features and components available only with Vespoli racing shells: patented VHP shoes, quick release foot stretchers, super bearing seat wheels, carbon seats and foot stretchers and the choice of either wing or euro side mount riggers.

Boat science: How do hulls from different makers compare?

With the development of more sophisticated design and measuring tools, marine architects are able to accurately determine how fast hulls of various designs move through the water. There is no “voodoo” in these calculations, as America’s Cup yacht designers MUST be confident that these speed calculations are exact.

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Introducing the New 2008 VHP Side Load Trailer

The 2008 VHP SIDE LOAD TRAILER Makes loading easy.  Our new design eliminates threading boats between the center racks. Equipped with the E-Z lift(US Pat. Pending) you can safely load the entire trailer quickly & safely with just 2 people! All Vespoli trailers are galvanized for a life-long rust proof finish. Travel safe, travel smart! Pull a MO trailer designed and distributed exclusively by Vespoli USA.

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The New Vespoli Matrix 27XL Single

At last a single big people can row!

At last a single that BIG people can row! For years sculling was limited, by the weight capacity of existing singles, to the "under 220 pound sculler". Bigger men (210-270 lb) are eager to row and now they can in a boat that's properly sized for them. The new, size specific, Vespoli Matrix 27XL single, gives these scullers a competitive, world class single that is fast yet roomy, comfortable and stable. If you weigh between 210 and 270 lbs, this Vespoli single is for you!

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