The New Vespoli Matrix 27XL Single

At last a single big people can row!

At last a single that BIG people can row! For years sculling was limited, by the weight capacity of existing singles, to the "under 220 pound sculler". Bigger men (210-270 lb) are eager to row and now they can in a boat that's properly sized for them. The new, size specific, Vespoli Matrix 27XL single, gives these scullers a competitive, world class single that is fast yet roomy, comfortable and stable. If you weigh between 210 and 270 lbs, this Vespoli single is for you!

Made from 100% Carbon Unidirectional Pre-Preg composites, the M27XL single is strong and stiff enough for even the biggest and strongest of rowers, and yet weighs less than 35.5 lbs FULLY rigged.

The wing rigger is made from a special aerodynamic shaped aluminum extrusion that is stiff enough for the pressure a big man can put on it. It is also adjustable for height, spread and boat trim, and can be made with custom rigging dimensions at no additional charge.

Getting in and out of the Matrix 27XL is easy. A  molded foot place is in-set in between the tracks allowing a sculler to step down into the boat which eliminates a difficult "one legged squat!"

This innovative single comes ready to row, fully equipped with the best in fittings including, carbon fiber seat top and foot stretcher, super bearing wheels and marine grade 316 stainless fasteners. You can also customize your boat with one of our Matrix Upgrade packages and save up to 33% on the most popular options. Included in those options are: custom paint, sculling oars, VHP shoes, roof racks, boat covers, boats slings, NK speed coach and much more.

Each single is hand built by experienced craftsmen at our factory in New Haven, Ct. USA and is backed by our "5 year Bow to Stern" warranty, the industry's oldest, best and most trusted

Please contact your local representative for ordering information.

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