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The original Vespoli High School Recruiting service was a fantastic success, connecting thousands of high school rowers and college rowing coaches. Many rowers received scholarships but everyone benefited by this high school rowers showcase.

Now, our ALL-NEW High School Recruiting system adds even more features to let rowers stand out from the crowd and coaches find their ideal candidates. Sign up Today!


  • Post your personal, academic, and athletic info and stats
  • Your profile is only visible to approved college coaches
  • Log in at any time to update your information
  • Post YouTube videos or coxswain tapes
  • Upload photos
  • See a screenshot of how a coach will see your profile
  • It’s FREE to join!


  • Advanced searching with sorting and filtering by sex, ERG scores, GPA, region, position, signup date, and more! 
  • Contact athletes directly via e-mail
  • See video of a rower’s technique
  • Listen to coxswain tapes
  • See a screenshot of a sample profile

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