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Vespoli Trailers - Everything you need to tow it and stow itVespoli offers rowing shell trailers with the BEST SAFETY record and the most innovative features and options such as side loading and the Easy Lift (US Pat #7,427,184) loading system.

Our shell trailers are manufactured by MO Trailer of Goshen, Indiana and we are their exclusive distributors. MO is a leader in the trailer industry and has been providing the rowing community with safe and durable trailers for over 20 years.

We offer a complete line of trailers that will suit the needs of any program and we offer low cost financing if needed. Each trailer comes equipped with an extensive list of standard features including: galvanized finish, torflex axles, LED lights, rubber padding on every rack. MO is also willing to work with you to provide custom rack configurations, removable steps, load boxes as well as any other feature you may require.

MO builds only steel shell trailers. They understand the importance of strength, stiffness and a low center of gravity for travel safety that only a steel frame can provide. A trailer built of aluminum cannot match the performance characteristics or the safety record of a MO steel trailer unless the gauge of the material is significantly increased. But then it will be nearly as heavy as a steel trailer and you won't get better mileage. Aluminum trailers made of thinner gauge material will wiggle, twist and wreak havoc on your boats. They will have a higher center of gravity which effects stability and tracking and their useful life is less than steel because the welds subject to “cycle” fatigue cracking.

What about gas mileage? It’s not the choice of aluminum or steel that kills your gas mileage, it is the wind resistance. Wind resistance increases with each successive shell loaded on the trailer.

Trust your safety and your equipment's safety only to an original MO trailer. Vespoli & MO will be with you for the long haul!

Side Loader

Vespoli Trailer Side Loader

Patented Easy Lift Loading

Vespoli Trailers - Patented Easy Lift Loading

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* Actual boat configuration / capacity will vary based on tow vehicle type.


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